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Posted September 29, 2022 at 4:38 pm

One of the remaining Gifts is of course body modification. By all accounts in Pre-(H)istory if someone lost an arm, or a face, or just wanted to mix things up, it was a very difficult and exhausting procedure. 

Nowadays anyone can easily swap out parts with no tissue rejection. It is very possible to get prosthesis of any kind that are indistinguishable from the pre-existing limb, face, tissue, etc.

This does, unfortunately, lead some Heroes to be more "daring" than they may otherwise be. PLEASE BE AWARE that full body transfers *DO* carry risks, and that the brain *MUST* still be alive in order to be transferred to a new body.

Strength, speed, and abilities are not augmented by default.

There are of course those that take their prosthesis past the point of the "average" human...

-The Adventurers Guide to the Continent