About Me

Hi! I'm Harry Bogosian, and I do my best to create stories and art, usually featuring demons and monsters. I try to make comics I am excited to read, so if you're enjoying them then we would probably get along. I'm the proud father of a very tiny baby that is getting bigger all the time, as well as a cat that isn't getting much bigger, but I'm still very proud of her as well. I'm also very proud of my wife, the final member of my household, and without her no comics would be made! With their help, I will make the best comics I can.

About the Comic

Demon's Mirror is a retelling of The Snow Queen, an old fable by Hans Christian Andersen. This version has a lot more demons, magic, and *friendship*. Gerda still attempts to rescue her friend Kay, only now things go increasingly off the rails. I hope you enjoy!

If you wish to know more about the way the world of Demon's Mirror got to be the way it is, please read the webcomic A BETTER PLACE: