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Posted November 29, 2022 at 6:52 pm

Space and time are meaningless. I begin to see that now. Or at least, the space and time our reality occupies is meaningless. I believe that there IS a meaningful TRUE reality, we simply are not in it. Does that make sense? Anyways, that is the source of magica. And because it is a truer reality than the one we occupy it can be used to influence our reality easily. But "wizards" use it in the crudest and smallest way. Like taking a dusty rock and dragging it across a cave wall and calling it a "painting". Only in reverse? Because WE are the "paintings"!! I can feel my sense of things growing clearer every day. Sometimes I think I could reach out and my hand will pass right through the borders of our world. The Infinity Brain is so aptly named. It is a facsimile of a mind, a mind without thought and soul. My teacher can harness that mind, and once it is able to "think" clearly, it will be able to change reality. "Reality". 

Do I even dictate what I say, what I write? Or is even that just the reverberations of some truer world?

I hope that it is. I hope that I have tapped into some form of truth.

-Hastily scribbled notes in the margins of Kay's Research