Page 118
Posted November 29, 2022 at 11:47 am

I've begun to grow very fond of my "student". He's so eager, and so incredibly bright and... delicate. Like a tool that you find is even more suited for the job than you expected, a delight to work with and use. 

And perhaps I find the company a little pleasant. I know I can go days,and even years, without talking much, without interacting much with others. I am content with that lifestyle. But to share a cup of tea, to talk about the mechanics of magica and reality with another person, once again? It is a feeling I could get used to.

I won't let myself, of course. But a mild indulgence, for a moment, won't hurt.

Soon he will be gone, and my halls will be quiet again. If all goes well that is.

-Journal of "The Snow Queen"