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Posted November 30, 2022 at 4:50 pm

During the end of the year make sure to keep an eye out for roaming "treasure beasts" or "treasure monsters". These creatures used to be far more plentiful, but you can still spot them in the inner parts of the continent. They "level correct" to whatever strength you are at, so they are almost always beatable by a semi-skilled team. Upon defeat they will drop various treasures! These treasures can be food items, small quantities of currency, and VERY occasionally an artifact of power!

Please be careful to note that a true "treasure beast/monster" will have small sparkles around it. Do NOT antagonize random wandering monsters or beasts if you are not sure of your capabilities!

This guide takes no responsibility for deaths or grievous injuries incurred through poor life choices.

-The Adventurers Guide to the Continent