Page 98
Posted November 8, 2022 at 8:34 pm

Is my current role a boon or a curse... I am one of the most powerful demons in the demonic planes. I control vast power, and can do or say anything I wish in my realm.

I can not leave. I can not go to the surface, lest the others move against me.

Those that surround me... I despise them all. Even when I begin to find a comrade, a friend, eventually their true nature is revealed, and I recoil inwardly.

If I let myself not think... let myself indulge... this could be an endless party. Perhaps.

But that would be the death of not just my own self, but of all that I have ever loved.

Like a small stone plugging a hole in a wall, holding back an endless sea... all I do is wait, and yet to move would be to bring about disaster.

-log of current events by Demon Master Dzu