Page 92
Posted November 2, 2022 at 7:39 pm

I have come to realize that there is nobody that can be trusted, other than my pets, and myself. My pets however are painfully weak, and there is only one of me.

I am certain that all demons are being betrayed every day, but in such a way as to make us ask for it, beg for the betrayal. There is a conspiracy to make us complacent... and to attempt to expose this would only make the others turn against me.

I am the weakest of the Masters. I must be useful. Useful enough to gain an edge.

I feel so excited for the future that may come. It is such a rare opportunity... and has such a slim chance of occurring.

But... I can only trust myself. I can trust myself. I will trust myself...

I look forward to that day.

-Musings of the demon master Bael