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Posted October 29, 2022 at 7:29 pm

Before God left us, they granted us love, they granted us hope, they granted us MAGIC.

Every time we use magic, we are infused with God's love. This is the lasting reminder that they are still with us. And one day, they will return.

And what about the magic used by demons? This is proof of THE EVIL BROTHER. They are granted their powers through the MALICIOUS power of our god's FALLEN BROTHER the BETRAYER!!

These magics are NOT the same, and any who say they are should be viewed with EXTREME SUSPICION!

This is why our magic is the most formidable weapon against demons. They may be immune to almost all other attacks, but our magic is still capable of striking them down...

One day, we shall wipe them from existence. And only God's love shall remain...

-Speech by a High Priest to new wizard Priests