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Posted October 6, 2022 at 11:35 am

The world is far less dangerous than it is made out to be. And each bit of it tells a story.

Most of it is empty. Yes, there are monsters in the wilderness of The Interior. Yes there are strange and dangerous buried things, and odd magics. There are shockingly few demons, as I think when they do emerge they tend to gravitate towards area with people.

I have wandered far, and only occasionally had to fight. Monsters, when I do come across them, are happy to avoid me, as I do them.

The ruins of old cities and towns are disheartening. Strange places, no longer functional, and often the most dangerous areas to venture near.

I do feel a pull towards the center, and year by year I venture closer. I know I push my luck, but what point is there of a world you cannot know? Cannot explore?

And if I die there, in parts unknown, then at least I will have discovered a bit more of the story than I would have otherwise.

-Journal of Monet Runeblade, Adventurer