Page 288
Posted May 24, 2023 at 7:49 am

Frustratingly, there is no record of the "original" demons to contrast with the "new" demons. All was chaos, back then, and there was no way, no time, to document. Most are long dead, of course. 

If I could I would find any that were left and either recruit them or dispose of them, if possible. They are simply too capable of growth.

The Masters of course are all original. Maybe 40-60% of the most influential demons also are, although they keep that information well hidden.

I suspect that a few of the cleverest favor brokers also could be, but they are untouchable, even by me. 

But are there any that have escaped? Perhaps dwelling on the surface, growing strong in the wilderness? Undetected by angels?

To have such threads loose, it enrages me.

-Journal of the Demon Master Jern