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Posted May 23, 2023 at 6:14 am

An incredible find! A stash of Pre Fall weapons (?). They are spheres of what look to be flesh (!) and inside is a beautiful intense light. When you push against the outside of the sphere it almost feels like a thick liquid moves around inside.

We did a controlled detonation of one of them inside a magically hardened and warded box and NOTHING remained after. The box was gone, the ground around it was gone in a perfect sphere. I'm not using the word "nothing" dramatically. I could hear the air wooshing back into the space that the explosion created, and no dust or debris remained.

We inserted various materials into the box to test the effects, ranging from organic all the way up to a scrap of true divine metal (!) and they too were gone.

The explosions are of limited size, but god what potency.

The highest bidder for such items are always the priests, and we will be contacting them immediately. c:

-A note sent to a Heroes Guild