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Posted April 23, 2023 at 6:11 pm

Again and again I have attempted to tap into the TRUE power that exists all around us. But it is like I strain against an unbreakable wall of impossibly strong glass. It is RIGHT there, and yet I have no way of accessing it. I have begun work on a massive conduit to help pierce this barrier, but I have reached the limits of my abilities.

It is very possible that I am simply too disconnected, both physically, mentally, and spiritually (?).

But what if I were to create a bridge. And then, using that bridge, another bridge. To span that gap, to completely access that understanding.

Like extensions of my own mind, my own body. My own soul perhaps.

I feel exhilarated for the first time in hundreds of years. 

God we were fools to avoid risk for so long, when taking risks is the only point of living!

-A yellowed notation stuffed deep into piles of papers, on the desk of the Head Master