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Posted February 6, 2023 at 6:53 pm

Casualties along the Interior Fringe are much higher than we thought they would be. Although we have equipped settlers with basic magica items and equipment, they are unable or unwilling to fight the threats that emerge.

The truth is that it is far easier to just live on the Edges, and the promise of large amounts of land and resources is not providing enough push to get people to leave the comfortable towns and Walled Cities.

I believe that the cost of living on the Edges is simply too low. Food, lodging, education, entertainment, and health costs are all extremely affordable, to the point that I believe it is making our populace soft and averse to risk.

I propose a gradual increasing to the cost of living over the coming decade. Not only can we use the additional funds to fund further expansion, the Interior Fringe will become increasingly attractive due to the difference in affordability.

In this way we can shepherd humanity towards our shared goals, in a way that is most beneficial.

-Meeting notes from the Council of Edges on the settling of the Interior Fringe