Page 187
Posted February 5, 2023 at 6:53 pm

We live in a shadow of once was. The great monsters, beasts, demons, and even people of our day are nothing compared to what came before.

There are tales of things created from the void that could not be conquered even by the god in her prime. Vast and of myriad forms, they represented all that humanity feared.

It is said that when she fell, they were all wiped out. Perhaps they were only a reflection of her own dark wishes, but... I do not believe this to be the truth. I think that anytime a truly great power is made, it is not entirely possible to eradicate every trace of it. 

Parts will always live on, growing, changing, adapting. 

I suspect that at least a few of those great and powerful beings exist... and that they still influence the world we exist in.

But do they do so with intention, or merely through the act of existing?

-heretical writings of Inquisitor Voronum- of the cult of the Fallen Brother