Page 148
Posted December 28, 2022 at 7:19 pm

To walk into a trap blindly is the greatest of dangers. But to know a trap, to understand it fully, and THEN to enter... that can be of incredible use.

I have seen this move, made by my most hated and worthwhile of opponents, and I applaud it. But I also see the potential, past what even he can comprehend.

It is true that through this lens humanity is hard to look upon. It is true that there is potential for vast corruption. But also... to be able to truly perceive what is perfect? This is a gift I will happily pay for. Even with such a high cost.

Because there are some things that are always flawless. Always perfect. Always pure. 

Divine relics. Divine Artifacts. Divine WORKS. And I see them so much more clearly now. I begin to comprehend them in a way I never could before...

-Notes by the highest of Angels