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Posted December 5, 2022 at 6:13 pm

Wow wow wow! We've found an active Demon Portal! Mom thinks that this one has been disgorging demons recently, and that even Demon Masters have used it!

Dad doesn't think they've noticed us, and there's some activity happening near it, so we are going to try and set up an ambush. If all goes well we can strike a very nice blow against some powerful demons before they get a chance to do any damage c:

Mom says we have to be extra careful, but she says I get to use the ship's cannons to blast a few of them if I'm really good! I've only gotten to fight against monsters so far, so getting to fight against demons is super exciting!

My whole family is here and they are sooo strong! They all have such good artifacts and they are all so cool!! I think one day we will be able to go through a Demon Portal and bring the fight to the demons themselves!

That would be amazing...

-The Journal (and sketchbook) of Monster Slayer Nina