Page 124
Posted December 4, 2022 at 6:58 pm

First chosen from the spawning pools. Every test, done perfectly. Every physical exam, aced. My energy conversion rate is 92 percentile. In a previous age I could have become a Master! Even in this age I can still aspire to be one of the highest ranked Demon Knights, or even Demon Nobility!

And I chose to date... Him. And he... GHH!! Even being associated with him tarnishes my reputation!! The knowing looks!! The smirks!! How will I earn prestige when he continues to be... CEZAR!?

Every nice, charming, good thing he did must be forgotten. How he looks is inconsequential. A delicious treat once poisoned is no longer to be enjoyed.

I will forget him, and my life will resume. I *WILL* FORGET HIM.

-A many years old voice journal of Jahi the demon