Page 109
Posted November 19, 2022 at 10:55 pm

The earliest back I can remember... oh I guess I remember a lot of biting and hunger, right? You too right Jahi? And then... then I guess I remember the dorms. I don't think you were in my dorm. But wow, just like, so many of us packed in there. And you had to fight over more food, and you weren't allowed to bite eachother, only use magica. 

Yeah, I bet you were good at that. Right? You must have done fine. It was kind of fun though. Haha, oh yeah we had that game! We- oh oh wait are we sending a live message to the Master right now?? What!! Stop- ah! Yes it's going great all is good okay bye!

-Report on progress to The Master from Jahi and Cezar