AO Page 37
Posted November 27, 2023 at 11:02 am

Bael is up to something. Obviously all the Demonic Masters are "up to something"... but she is moving her pieces around far more than usual.

If it was the actions of Vapula or Dzu I would not mind so much, but Bael? The weakest of us?? She dares to conspire against her betters?!

It is enraging. Disgusting. Her form and actions, taking interest in imps and always finding something so damn funny... irritating enough. But this is too far.

My informants seem to think she has come across a new source of power recently, and signs point to strange crystal "fruits" she now possesses.

They are well hidden, well guarded.

But not well hidden, or well guarded, enough.

Acquire one for me.

-Message from the Demon Master Jern to a Shadow Hand Demon