AO Page 36
Posted November 24, 2023 at 2:17 pm

The Mother is endlessly fecund. So much so that there is a need to eliminate most of the spawn produced.

This is all for the good, as the strong thrive on their weaker brethren.

There is some mild annoyance that the spawn will prefer food if available and must be agitated endlessly to force them to interact in the desired way.

Still, once they have moved past the first pools, they quickly understand the way of the world, and things get easier.

It is distressing to think most of Demonkind starts as such low and pathetic creatures.

Not the rare remining Originals, obviously, but we are in short supply these days.

It is on us to guide the weak until they are strong. 

-Personal writings by the Demon Master, the Headmaster