AO Page 25
Posted October 16, 2023 at 2:39 pm

A fortified and proud city, expensive to live in and visit, The City of Glass is smaller than most Walled Cities, and can only be reached by air.

It boasts powerful heroes and the King and Queen are considered to be intelligent and fair rulers.

In recent years it has grown even more isolated and stopped taking as active a role in the events of the world.

Through magical greenhouses it is capable of providing food for all citizens, and it exports beautifully crafted glass and magic trinkets and jewelry that are enjoyed by the well off of other cities.

The Council of the Edges does worry that the City of Glass may feel it no longer needs to contribute to the well being of Humanity outside its own walls.

Still isolation is the choice of some Cities, and must be respected.

Even if it is a foolish decision.

-Notes on the City of Glass, by the Council of the Edges