AO Page 24
Posted October 13, 2023 at 1:51 pm

I have the power to bend minds with my magic. I control a city of hundreds of thousands, and have personally slain more than one demon and many many monsters.

I am respected and powerful and am capable of doing things very few, outside of divine and infernal, can hope to match.

And yet I am overwhelmed by this next step. A thing that so many do, the most common and simple of people accomplish each day... it fills me with trepidation, excitement, and confusion.

That my body is capable of this... I find it hard to believe. That somehow I cannot and will not succeed.

Which may be the case.

Yet Beckett is by my side. I tease him, I command him, and I am his Queen. But he has become an unshakable force of stability in my life, that I did not know I needed.

I will accomplish this.

We will accomplish this.

-Private journal of Queen Augustine