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Posted June 16, 2023 at 6:06 pm

Few people understand this, but at one point the world was incredibly divided. Not only by vast bodies of water and distance between the (much smaller) continents, but also by culture, skin color, and language.

So much of the past was made inaccessible for so long much of why and how people in Pre-(H)istory acted has been lost to us, especially the emotional understanding of why.

Many postulate that without monsters, the natural ravages of the world, and especially demons, there was no uniting force to rally against.

I believe that on top of this there was also immense cultural inertia. We see "inherited emotion" crackle between various Walled Cities, and many contend that their citizens are superior to all others.

It would be pleasing to think we have moved past many of the problems our ancestors had, but in truth we may as a civilization simply be too young and untested.

If we ever truly conquer the external ills of this world, what next? I fear I know the answer.

-Notations on culture, by (H)istorian Costanza Godhand