AO Page 65
Posted March 4, 2024 at 11:09 am

Had a nice dinner with Gerda and Cynthia last night. I made some pan roasted chicken! Put butter with herbs under the skin so it would get nice and crispy, and had the drippings fall onto some root vegetables that turned out perfect.

I feel like Gerda was thinking about something, she didn't really participate in the conversation, and she also didn't really eat much. She's kind of famous now, so maybe we just weren't super interesting. 

Cynthia was in such a good mood! She can become distant sometimes, but last night she was effusive and actually asked to chew on some of the chicken! (I don't think she can actually digest it)

Oh, and Cynthia gave Gerda a present! Some kind of mask? I'm so glad they are getting along better. 

She confronted me a year ago about my relationship with Cynthia and said a lot of unkind things. It's nice that she is moving past that.

-Daily log of Kay