AO Page 66
Posted March 8, 2024 at 9:50 am

Schematics for a Present;

A massive wall is covered in intricate diagrams. It shows pathways of energy being channeled down and into a very small center part, something that looks like a grinning toothy face.

Even that part has tiny and very detailed notes surrounding it, in a precise and meticulous hand. There are notations referring to the percentage of allowed energy transfer, the effect on a human mind and mechanical body, and the way in which the energy can allow for "surges".

At times the writing is joined by small pieces of paper with commentary, much of it seeming gleeful or delighted. The pieces of paper seem to be taking great joy in seeing how much energy can be channeled through a very very small amount of matter. It is like a puzzle that has been figured out.

One of the pieces of paper says the following;

"Gerda's unique body allows for an experimentation with long distance energy transfer I had never been able to consider before. As long as the mask is worn, it can channel a steady input. It can also allow for surges based on intention. It is possible that too much energy could have unforeseen, and interesting, consequences, but that is the case for all large amounts of energy use. I'm sure Gerda will be careful with her use. Haha!"