AO Page 47
Posted January 1, 2024 at 3:37 pm

The addition of a "peace" taxation to settled communities along the coast has resulted in some grumbling and a lot of angry letters, but no riots or violence has occurred. This windfall has been enormously useful in creating more settlements. Monster, Demon, and Construct sightings have been low so far, which has further helped us attract people. 

Ironically the absence of any taxation on the Interior Fringe is proving to be a very effective lure.

The Priests have been much more communicative lately, and have increased their effort to collect troublemakers on our behalf. They say that "Every person has a use", so hats off to them.

A new further Inland Walled City can be built soon, and this one will, finally, be made with the Council in mind.

-Meeting notes from the Council of Edges on the settling of the Interior Fringe