AO Page 46
Posted December 29, 2023 at 10:24 am

I believe I may be getting soft. Well, I am literally getting a bit softer, as is to be expected, but I keep having pangs of conscious about my Construct Wizards.

I can no longer deny the fact that they have developed autonomous thoughts and personalities, even in spite of their very short lifespans and being restricted from accessing mental stimuli.

Still... from a philosophical standpoint, if they are content and happy in the company of their peers and get enjoyment from serving under me, is that not a better existence than many sentient beings?

... Okay. I am clearly rationalizing. I simply do not have an alternative. I need them to keep my city safe.

I have never heard of constructs developing personality before, as mine have done. Is this because I based them on the ancient, ruined Constructs I found?

Beckett recommends having a conversation with them. I guess. I must. Damn.

-Written musings by Queen Augustine