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Posted October 26, 2022 at 6:05 pm

Various magical classes, and their differences. (Not counting practical people who use magic for legitimate trades, such as myself.)

-The Wizard. Mostly uses magic as a weapon.

-The Witch. Uses magic as a tool, uses magic more subtly.

-The Warlock. Attempts communication with demons, uses demon taught magic. 

-The Self Taught. Unpredictable magic use, can be dangerous to others and self.

-The Alchemist. Uses magic to enhance and change physical items and elements.

-"Heroes". Often use magic through found items, artifacts, and items that are not inherent to them.

-The Divine. A rare, possibly non-existent, class that is said to tap into a higher sphere of magic. This magic can alter reality. (No, don't go thinking any sacrilegious thoughts. It's not the same thing.)

-Writings by the Wizard Dietician Claudia Blacktower