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Posted October 20, 2022 at 5:17 pm

Crystalline structures seem to be the most capable of channeling and parsing magica. Even the crystalline structures of snow and ice have amazing channeling properties.

Keeping things very very cool helps as well. I have built my life around this project now. It has become my whole personality. My reason for being.

I sometimes wonder if I even have my previous personality, or just a copy of it. Am I an artificial version, thinking that I choose my own fate, when it reality I am only acting out what I was always programmed to do? A ghost of who I was keeping me from becoming overly aware that I am nothing but a tool to be used?

Do I only think that I think?

It doesn't matter. If I can accomplish my task then I can enact vengeance. And that will be sweet, even if it is only a cold revenge in honor of who I once was.

-recorded musings of The Snow Queen