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Posted June 26, 2023 at 6:02 pm

The Spawning Pools are a potential weakpoint in the Demon Society, but only a very limited one. They are guarded by powerful Demonic warriors, but simultaneously if they were to be attacked and utterly destroyed it would only delay a single generation by a few years. 

Demons, ironically, grow up extremely fast. The cycle from newborn spawn to fully functioning "adult" can be as little as 4 years. The early adult stages are weak and still immature in many ways, but they can be weaponized if need be.

The source of the spawn is much much harder to reach, vastly better guarded, and is itself a monstrously hard thing to deal with.

As I have pondered previously, would the cessation of demon spawn make things even worse? It is very possible.

If only the base nature of demons were malleable. The basic incompatibility with humans...

-The log of current events by Demon Master Dzu