Page 308
Posted June 14, 2023 at 5:20 pm

Through exhaustive magical examination and scientific inquiry, we have determined to continue, and indeed increase, the usage of teleportation of all waste to the "in-between space", used in teleportation by advanced practitioners.

While we do understand the worries that it could potentially interact in some manner with the use of this space, it affects such a negligible percent of our population, and happens so rarely, that we have voted against it being a significant issue.

The in-between space is potentially limitless and as long as the waste is not alive it is fairly efficient to transport objects into it.

The alternative, mass garbage dumps, waste piping, waste processing, and all that would entail, is simply not tenable.

Perhaps wear an easily cleaned robe when attempting to teleport in a highly populated area.

-Updated laws on sanitation, by the Council of Edges