Page 299
Posted June 5, 2023 at 5:40 pm

Pre-(H)istory maps, population numbers, technological achievements... they can be hard to believe.

Yes, there are vast stores of recovered archives, and even "first hand" accounts that were written down after The Fall, but to have the world be changed so much... and for the better? Perhaps.

Almost 6 billion people were accounted for, in various sources, before The Fall. Spread across numerous continents, all divided by vast bodies of water. No magica, but instead massively destructive weapons that seemed to be used frequently. 

Disease, hunger, and endless human on human atrocities.

Yet so much beauty was made, so much wonder, now lost perhaps forever.

Before God came, how were they not crushed into nothing? How did those humans not only survive, but in some ways, prosper?

I will perhaps go watch some more pre-(H)istory "sitcoms", and ponder.

-Writings by the Historian Costanza Godhand