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Posted June 1, 2023 at 5:43 pm

The average person has access to nearly free and plentiful food, housing, and social services. There is a strong demand for labor, and even with constructs and magica more hands are always needed. The trade unions are strong and the elderly are taken care of.

So why then do people still turn to adventuring? It's dangerous work, the pay can be terrible or fantastic entirely depending on what you are capable of finding, and although there is glory there is also ignoble defeat for many.

My theory is that like a housecat that desperately craves the outdoors, even though the risk is so much greater, many humans grow increasingly frustrated and unhappy when all dangers are taken away.

Theoretical dangers anyways.

As I have grown older and have actually seen dangers, again and again, I begin to understand the cat that prefers instead to lay inside on a pillow in a sunbeam.

But that feeling can not be explained, it must be experienced, often times painfully.

Still, I do crave the joys of the unknown, for now.

-A letter to the Adventurers guide to the Continent, from Adventurer Beckett