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Posted May 29, 2023 at 5:09 pm

There is no point to power, except to safeguard against power. If we were all equally weak, perpetually so, would that not be the better path? Perhaps less could be achieved, and in some ways things would stagnate... but the sparrow in the tree is without power, and is not lesser for it. 

But there will always be those with power. And if you want respect, safety, a chance to live, then you will need to force them to do so, through the use of power.

And in time, perhaps you will force others without power to do so as well. Because they can not stop you.

And perhaps you begin to lose respect for those without power, because they are so weak. And why can't they understand that to be weak is to be helpless? To be PREY?

To gain power is hard. To restrain power is also so hard.

I am rambling... I cannot make the world equally weak. I cannot make it equally strong. I can only use the power available... judiciously.

As impossible as that may be.

-Journal of the Demon Master Dzu