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Posted May 19, 2023 at 6:06 am

The frailty of the human body is fascinating and terrifying. All other "higher" beings (monsters, Demons, Angels) have a natural resilience to damage. If you push a sharp blade into one and then remove it, it will cause damage, but in many cases it will simply require rest and time to recover. Humans however are FILLED with liquid bags, tubes, and cavities that once punctured proceed to leak into the surrounding areas. While it is true that this is the case with many common animals, you would think that one of the ruling and advanced groups of this Continent would be somehow better equipped to survive? Even animals on the whole are massively stronger, faster, and better equipped to deal with injuries.

Apparently pre-(H)istory humans were EVEN WEAKER and even MORE prone to injury and death, which makes me wonder how they didn't all just keel over and die every time it got too hot or too cold.

The argument could be made that they reproduce fast enough to overcome these limitations, but truthfully the infant stage of a human is YEARS long, and during this time they have a SOFT AND SQUISHY SPOT ABOVE THEIR BRAIN! The MOST delicate spot in the human body!

The task of protecting humans can be... daunting... at times.

-An angelic book on human anatomy and how to compensate for it