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Posted May 8, 2023 at 6:10 pm

Touring the Innermost City I find that it is filled with an energy rarely seen. As the Interior Fringe is pushed every deeper more and more heroes are gathering their courage to venture forth!

There is almost a feeling that the time to find true treasure is running out, and if you dally too long you'll always be stuck with just a mildly enchanted magica blade.

I will say that I think these fears are a bit overblown. Although the amount of safe land grows daily, it is also true that the remaining area becomes much more concentrated in the dangers present. Monsters can be highly intelligent, and would rather run that fight most times. This does mean that they will run and run until there is no place else to run to, and then they will fight FEROCIOUSLY.

Many heroes, well equipped and brave, have met their end when pushing too hard, and too far.

But the choice of food in the Innermost City becomes tastier all the time! Absolutely worth a visit!

Excerpt from "Walled Cities that are a MUST visit" - A guide by Sir August Sextilis