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Posted May 4, 2023 at 6:03 pm

The lesser demons live blessedly ignorant lives. Stupid, ugly, and happy. It disgusts me, but there is no other way for them to exist. I wish at times that i could shatter the bubble that protects them, exposing them to how close to total oblivion they lay.

But that would go against all the hundreds of years of planning. Still! I lay awake at night, sweating, tossing, knowing that IT exists, and that we only continue to exist because IT allows us to!

Impartial... PROTECTOR! HA!! HAHA! 

I could go to the surface, to the world of the humans if I wished, and kill and cavort... and yet, if I go too far? If I do too much? What will happen?

Like striding forwards in the darkness, knowing a blade waits, pointed at you, and knowing a wrong step will drive you onto it.

Oh how I hate the happiness of the ignorant.

-Scrawled journal entry of the Demon Master Jern