Page 253
Posted April 14, 2023 at 6:34 pm

The technique of Demonic enhancement is now fully suitable for wide spread employment. It now allows for both highly disposable mass produced, very low intellect, demon cyborgs to be created, along side more elite enhanced demons who still retain their full facilities. 

They should all be hardened against magical attacks, with only a slight weakness introduced to physical attacks in the process. This allows for a much more balanced defense.

Regeneration has been sped up, and bloodlust increased.

And of course best of all, these enhanced demons are entirely reliant on myself to further improve, or they will bottleneck much faster than a "regular" demon.

It is possible that this first foray will have very large casualties all the same, but that is a sacrifice I am very willing to make.

-Notations on Demonic Enhancement by the Demon Master, The Head Master