Page 242
Posted April 2, 2023 at 6:21 pm

It is unfair that demons are afflicted by maladies of the heart. I can harden my skin through demonic energies, heal from any wound not mortal, and outlive man or angel, and yet... I am filled with a hollow darkness.

I find myself despising the other Masters, and those beneath us are simply so predictable and grasping. I amuse myself and exercise my full intellect daily, and yet have nobody to share the triumphs and failures with.

And realistically who could even appreciate what I am capable of? What I have accomplished? Who would be able to see the layered planning, stretching back over 300 years? Incrementally growing a web that is comprised of the most delicate favors, and yet combined has elevated me to be one of the strongest Demons to ever exist?

I do not wish a sycophant, and I could not bear to suffer beneath a "superior". I need a TRUE equal.

Perhaps even more than one? Ah, my heart aches.

-writings of the Demon Master Bael