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Posted March 13, 2023 at 6:52 pm

This year the Continental population of humanity should be able to reach as high as 1.25 billion. 

For a very long time we have tried our best to harbor and protect each individual human, making as few sacrifices as possible. A long war of attrition has dragged on, with any victories on our side being matched by equivalent victories on the other side.

We have finally reached a point that we can begin to "gamble" on longer odds, sure in the fact that humanity can survive even relatively large losses.

However such an act would need to be as decisive as possible, for if we fail then we open ourselves to a huge retaliation.

One swift killing stroke. Not yet possible.

But within a hundred years? Or even sooner...?

I will make it so.

-Edict to trusted angels by the High Angel