Page 212
Posted March 3, 2023 at 6:47 pm

Healing magics continue to be of immense difficulty to manufacture. Currently we can slightly augment the natural healing properties of the body. Occasionally a powerful ancient relic or artifact is found with powerful healing properties clearly indicating such magica usage is possible. 

Directly infusing a body with magica and guiding it CAN lead to healing, but often times these healed cells begin to endlessly replicate, turning into what pre-(H)istory records call "cancer".

Annoyingly in many magical beasts and demons we see demonstrations of immensely fast healing properties, to the point that regrowing limbs or huge lost chunks of the body is possible.

I wonder if splicing in bits of magical beasts to the wounds could help? A transfusion of magical flesh could be an interesting study...

-Journal of the Wizard Dr. Marrow