Page 208
Posted February 27, 2023 at 6:24 pm

Although a number of Demonically forged weapons are made every year, they are a prized and guarded resource. Although not entirely "alive", they do often contain a trace of something bordering on sentience, allowing for them to anticipate and react alongside the user.

Becoming a Demonic Smith is a highly coveted and respected position, but infusing and crafting truly powerful weapons can take decades of painfully meticulous work, often to the point of obsession. It is not uncommon for skilled and driven Smiths to become so infatuated with their work that they lose sight of the end goal, and are dismayed when the "art" they have created is used for the lowbrow task of simply killing. This is acceptable, and with proper motivation will continue to create for the Master they serve.

You may be tempted to create a truly "living" weapon, and it is theoretically possible, however the Masters in their wisdom do not allow further discussion of truly "living" weapons, and it would be wise to respect that decision.

If by chance you become skilled enough in your studies and create one, please report it immediately to your teacher. Failure to do so will result in both the weapon and your own termination.

-Textbook on Basic Demon Weaponsmithing and Application, for use by 12th year students