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Posted February 2, 2023 at 6:17 pm

Open call to ADVENTURE!

For a limited time only if you apply to be a Council Sponsored Adventurer you will get a FREE Bag of Minor Holding, a magica enhanced sword of flame, magica enchanced plate armor, AND a map of nearby Monster Dens and Lairs!

Additionally you will get a monthly stipend that will cover food, lodging, and additional necessary expenses at any of the participating Walled Cities!

Prior criminal records are no barrier to entry! Fame, Glory, and ADVENTURE await!

A small aptitude test is required.

Only at Participating Walled Cities.

A small administration fee is required.

[Nasar coins are NOT accepted]

[The Council of Edges is not liable for any events that occur due to accepting the call to adventure]

-Public Posting to numerous Walled Cities by the Council of Edges