Page 176
Posted January 25, 2023 at 6:26 pm

The power of the Angels and their Priests is mythic, in more ways than one. They are seen so rarely, and yet so much is attributed to them that it is very hard to know what is done through their actions. If the Angels are to be believed, they are some of the very few forces that stretch back to before the fall. They have access to knowledge and resources that no others do, save for perhaps demons. 

Perhaps it is the subtlety of their actions that allow for so many to appreciate them without resenting them or the Priests. 

Some have even discussed that while they may have existed at one point, perhaps they were part of the world we have moved on from, and no longer truly exist. I feel in my heart this is not true, but I have also never seen an Angel, so I cannot refute this claim.

Even the priests are an extreme rarity, and perhaps only number in the thousands. Their City does exist however, so that at least is real.

A group that is beyond reproach, flawless over hundreds and hundreds of years. That in itself is a miracle!

-Writings by the Witch Emerald McHeartslove