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Posted January 20, 2023 at 6:29 pm

It is honestly unbelievable to me that pre-(H)istory humans created things like the "internal combustion engine" and the "cathode ray tube". Even today we rely on some amount of magica to bridge problem points in the creation of these complex elements. Did physics work differently back then? Or did pre-magica people simply beat their head against various creations until they managed to make them work? For that matter, how did humanity even survive in a pre-advanced tool society? We have records of demons and monsters dating back as far as humanity exists, and without modern tools and magic I cannot understand how we survived let alone prospered.

My theory is that although there is no reference to any gods before our God existed, it is possible that such a god was erased from all records. Surely humanity could not have thrived without such divine interference? ... Also if this is heretical I'd like to note that this is all completely theoretical and I mean no disrespect by it. Thanks.

-Seized notes by a heretical Priest