Page 169
Posted January 18, 2023 at 6:54 pm

The balance between the weak and the strong under a Master must be watched closely. Too many strong demons can result in an uprising against the Master. Too many weak demons means that the other Masters can move with impunity. 

The perfect balance has just enough weak demons that the stronger ones feel superior, but still fear and respect the Demon Master above them. The weak Demons feel lucky that they are allowed to do menial tasks and get food and shelter. All are happy, grateful, and afraid.

If you find that your demons are growing to love you too much, which has happened in the past, crush some and make an example of them. Love breeds familiarity, and familiarity inevitably leads to strange ideas. No one worships someone they see as an equal...

-Comments on the successful running of a domain, by Demon Master Jern