Page 144
Posted December 24, 2022 at 6:46 pm

If you must engage another human in battle, there are rules that should be obeyed by any hero. You should avoid any spells or abilities that cause pain to the point of cruelty. You should avoid using mind control unless it is to save your own life. Any magic or gas that melts flesh should never be used. Teleportation that fuses the opponent with objects is considered incredibly distasteful. Multiple heroes attacking a single hero is only allowed if the single hero has abused magic or artifacts maliciously. Controlling the bones of an opponent is also not to be allowed, while the opponent is alive.

The above rules only apply to monsters if they would cause the monster unnecessary pain, beyond what is necessary to win the battle.

There are no rules that apply to battling demons. You may take any and all measures to win.

-The adventurers guide to the continent