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Posted December 17, 2022 at 9:18 pm

My prototypes are ready. More than ready. I still have use for thinking demons, demons with personality and "dreams" but... well, hopefully I will need them less and less. 

Where I would have needed perhaps a hundred demon warriors, I could field a single demon commander, and they could command as many of my new creations as I could fabricate. A hundred. A thousand. Ten thousand. All that is needed is energy and materials.

I know the other Masters are beginning to catch whispers of these toys. I know they are probably getting all worked up and agitated. As they should. For any of them this would be a game changing move.

Because they have no vision. This is just the status quo, made simpler. There are far larger prizes to had.

And I will have them ALL.

-The calm and perfectly written notations by the Demon Master, the "Head Master"