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Posted December 12, 2022 at 6:53 pm

Advancements in Demon Tech have been... slow. Purposefully slow, of course. Top tier Demonic artifacts can raise a low level demon up to great heights. They are heavily restricted, and every artifact of true power is accounted for and owned by a Master, only leased out to the deserving.

Great arguments have been made about the lasting peace and stability this path has brought us, and while that is all true, I understand now that we have been fooled.

Humans are so weak and pathetic that it is incredibly hard to take them seriously. But even the weakest and most pathetic creature, when properly equipped with advanced technology and magica can be... formidable.

And the humans of today are so much more advanced than the humans of a few hundred years ago. As we have relaxed and enjoyed our fruits, so they have continued to stride forward. 

Even still, they would be pathetically easy to crush, but what about one hundred years from now? Two hundred years? 

The angels are on their side, always guiding... And the destination they are heading towards is suddenly painfully clear.

-Musings by the Demon Master, the "Head Master"