Page 127
Posted December 7, 2022 at 6:56 pm

It wasn't supposed to be... like... "THAT"... you know? It was just a fun experiment! I had never talked to one before, so I didn't know they could learn so much? And... and I didn't do anything wrong right? Technically? There's no rules or laws against it! 

Okay so I may have gotten a bit carried away, and um... invested... but, but that's just because I was excited to learn! And to teach!

What? Oh. Yeah. I did try and free them. A little. But it was my fault! I should have been the one-

I understand. Yes. Yes. 

I can keep being a student? Really?? Probation. Okay. 

Yes. Never again... I promise...

-Audio log of Demon Student Cezar's probationary examination